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About Us


Our teams champion original thinking and knowledge, and we base our investment decisions solely on our own research.

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Bringing excellence to internal or external clients. Our clients are our most important assets.

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We embrace financial theory as the foundation of our business.

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About us


Byron Stafford has been committed to employing investment managers with extensive experience in the investment-management industry since its inception. In fact, our managing directors have an average 25 years of investment experience. We've sought portfolio managers who we believe possess the rare talent and insight required to construct portfolios that limit downside risk and add alpha over time. Byron Stafford is as committed to providing our clients superior performance today as the day we were founded. It's that unwavering dedication that helps ensure we'll be around for at least five decades.

Byron Stafford is a professional Asset Manager who provides institutional and individual investors with a broad array of equity and fixed income products designed to meet long-term goals. Our clients currently entrust us with billions in an investment philosophy designed to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns via both separately managed account and mutual fund platforms. Byron Stafford was built on the cornerstones of intelligence, experience and conviction that we believe clients expect from their investment managers.


What We Believe


At Byron Stafford, we understand that very few investment managers possess the skill and experience to consistently outperform their peers.

For this reason, we employ portfolio managers who we believe possess the rare talent and insight required to construct portfolios that add risk-adjusted alpha over the long term. Each strategy is supported by an investment team performing research that supports the distinctive value-added process. We believe this independent team approach builds strong chemistry and increases accountability.

While the investment process employed by each team may be different, at the heart of every program is a strong focus on idea generation and proprietary research. We make every effort to avoid momentum-driven securities, risky bets and trendy market favorites with irrational valuations or unreasonable risk/return trade-offs.

At Byron Stafford, we are proud to embrace and embody the investment fundamentals our clients demand from active portfolio management.





Intelligence is more than an ability to learn. It is also the talent to discern important information and identify opportunities. From idea generation and proprietary research to portfolio construction and stock selection, Byron Stafford managers employ keen insight and intelligent processes to build portfolios that seek to add alpha over time.



There is no substitute for experience in the investment world, where lessons are taught and learned during every market cycle. Experience provides valuable knowledge into portfolio and stock-specific risk and enables our managers to construct portfolios that we hope limit downside risk.



Staying the course is often a manager’s greatest challenge. At Byron Stafford, we are committed to a long-term investment approach. We do not endeavor to chase short-term market favorites. This sometimes will hurt performance in strong bull markets, but we do not believe that chasing trends adds value over the long-term.