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We embrace financial theory as the foundation of our business.

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Bring your expertise and new perspectives to a firm where the exchange of ideas is fostered and collaboration is encouraged

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While the investment process employed by each team may be different, at the heart of every program is a strong focus on idea generation and proprietary research.

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Our teams champion original thinking and knowledge, and we base our investment decisions solely on our own research.

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Client focus


Byron Stafford is bringing excellence to internal or external clients by focusing efforts on discovering and meeting their needs. To achieve that the client relationship management process has been divided in three levels of service:


Level 1

  • Responds to client investments requests
  • Meets client financial needs by effectively responding to requests.
  • Works to satisfy client individual and organizational investment return expectations.
  • Remains professional, helpful and responsive
  • Seeks clear understanding of client needs and financial outcomes.
  • Gains acceptance for ideas and solutions before proceeding to the next step.
  • Communicates in financial language that the client understands.
  • Consults the client in clarifying priorities.
  • Probes the client to ascertain needs.


Level 2

  • Builds positive client relations
  • Maintains ongoing communications and interaction with clients to anticipate and prevent potential problems.
  • Keeps clients up-to-date with information and decisions about their investments.
  • Never simply says "no", but presents alternatives that address client needs.
  • Clearly represents investment risks and liabilities to client.
  • Seeks feedback about client satisfaction.
  • Clearly outlines and explains the benefits of the investment process.


Level 3

  • Evaluate the investment process and adapts to client needs
  • Identifies benefits for the clients and looks for ways to add value.
  • Looks for opportunities to save money or resources for client.
  • Responds to changes in project scope by re-negotiating deliverables, investment plans, etc.
  • Knows how to distinguish client desire and client need in order to define realistic investment expectations.
  • Involves clients in assessing service, solutions or products to determine ways to improve service.




Byron Stafford Investment Professionals are always anticipating and dealing with problems and issues in a persistent manner, seizing opportunities that arise and going beyond what is expected.


Accepts challenges

  • Persists in finding solutions.
  • Takes responsibility to get things done without waiting for others to initiate action.
  • Does things "now" (or brings concerns forward) instead of postponing them.
  • Willingly takes on challenges, even if they fall outside the area of responsibility.


Seeks and meets challenges

  • Seeks out ideas from a variety of proprietary financial sources in order to solve problems.
  • Offers help to get the job done.
  • Perseveres in finding solutions despite obstacles.
  • Constantly seeks new opportunities and seizes them when they arise.
  • Anticipates and responds in a proactive manner to future needs that may not be obvious to others.


Seeks to excel

  • Exceeds clients’ expectations.
  • Invests time and effort to prove the value of a concept or application.
  • Learns new technology and theories, even when outside the job requirement or field, in order to respond more effectively.